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Cheikh Mohammed Horma

Cheikh Mohammed Horma was born in 1984 in a small village in the southwest of Mauritania called Bareina. He studied Medicine and worked as a journalist, before embarking on his adventure in cinema with “The Tree”.
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The Tree

By Cheikh Mohammed Horma (8:46)

A lumberjack travels in the desert, carrying his provision and contemplating nature and its calm. He ends up tired under a tree shade, alone in the barren space.
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Laila Ataalah

I always thought I could find myself, and I could not... I loved cinema... I found myself.
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By Laila Ataalah (7:54)

A young adolescent girl shares her mother's sorrow for the absence of her father on the all-important Eid Holiday, as her mother proceeds to slaughter the sacrifice sheep for the occasion.
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Jaouad Babili

Between personal quest and the desire for discovery, cinema has always been Jaouad’s favorite means of travel, to live parts of a dream.
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Clanks of Silence

By Jaouad Babili (11:10)

An incarcerated man tries to dance away his loneliness, using his imagination and two “light” holes; one on the wall, and the other one on the ground. 
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Laila Amenzoui

There is a negative energy in this life that absorbs our souls. But cinema made me a free girl who enjoys everything by giving up all the negativities.
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By Laila Amenzoui (12:50)

Fatima is a film about the daily life and struggle of a young mother who is the cornerstone of her family.
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Mohammed Fadel El Joumani

Found myself between the desert and a taste of Cinema.
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Sounds and Echoes

By Mohammed Fadel El Joumani (23:30)

A journey in sound as memory of the Sahara. Using archives of the first radio station sounds of the Sahara, and a veteran journalist who spent his entire professional life collecting and telling stories of the Sahara through song, poetry and popular ordinary peoples’ histories.
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Omar Mayara

A calligrapher whose love for film makes him almost forget his family.
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By Omar Mayara (11:34)

Shaor is a film about the mysteries of the Sahara space through the natural elements that man seeks in this space: Mysterious stones falling from the sky, medicinal plants and extracts emanating from tree trunks.
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Najib Mounir

Crazy about Cinema because it helps me shout my existence.
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By Najib Mounir (13:11)

AZ is a day in the life of a shepherd, a traditional shepherd and his relationship with the space he inhabits with his herd.
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Malika Maalainine

A former farmer who rebelled against customs and traditions.
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By Malika Maalainine (19:54)

Amchakab is a non-fiction film that takes a young woman journalist on a journey to try to experience traveling on camel back, just as her own mother did. Can she do it?
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