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Omar Mayara

A calligrapher whose love for film makes him almost forget his family.
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By Omar Mayara (11:34)

Shaor is a film about the mysteries of the Sahara space through the natural elements that man seeks in this space: Mysterious stones falling from the sky, medicinal plants and extracts emanating from tree trunks.
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Mohamed Fadel El Joumani

Found myself between the desert and a taste of Cinema.
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Sounds and Echoes

By Mohamed Fadel El Joumani (23:30)

A journey in sound as memory of the Sahara. Using archives of the first radio station sounds of the Sahara, and a veteran journalist who spent his entire professional life collecting and telling stories of the Sahara through song, poetry and popular ordinary peoples’ histories.
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Najib Mounir

Crazy about Cinema because it helps me shout my existence.
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By Najib Mounir (13:11)

AZ is a day in the life of a shepherd, a traditional shepherd and his relationship with the space he inhabits with his herd.
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Malika Maalainine

A former farmer who rebelled against customs and traditions.
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By Malika Maalainine (19:54)

Amchakab is a non-fiction film that takes a young woman journalist on a journey to try to experience traveling on camel back, just as her own mother did. Can she do it?
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Saadani Maoulainine

Directing film is the water of my eyes.
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By Saadani Maoulainine (9:15)

A lyrical film essay on the importance of water in the Sahara life, through a portrait of the Taassalet well, in the city of Tan-Tan, and which supplies most of the provinces of the south with the purest water needed for the all important Sahrawi tea, as an age old ritual.
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Fadel Maalainine

A passionate lover of images that express meaning and feelings about nature and people.
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A Road Trip and A Melody

By Fadel Maalainine (22:10)

A musical road trip documentary film, centered around a father who travels from Laayoune, Morocco, to Nouakchott in Mauritania, to visit his daughter who lives with her mother, and this filmmaker’s quest to explore musical instruments, often played by women, that has enriched the whole Saharan musical space.
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Salem Ballal

Expresses himself and his environment theatrically and cinematically.
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Hidden Under a Dune

By Salem Ballal (7:38)

Hidden Under a Dune is an film essay about a girl’s relationship with her desert space and a camel.
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Mohammed Ahmed Bjija

A store owner, haunted by theater and cinema.
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And Life Goes On…

By Mohammed Ahmed Bjija (13:39)

And Life Goes On… is a non-fiction film about the courage of a young Sahrawi artist, victim of a land mine.
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Mina Hanyane

An Arabic teacher who’s interested in Cinema.
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Amhayrich Harri

By Mina Hanyane (8:24)

A documentary about one of the oldest market places in the south of Morocco, and what it represents as a space of collective memory, told through the eyes and words of an old storyteller and a young girl riding her beloved camel through the city of Guelmim.
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Zine Al Abidine Nouflali

An ex-student who’s starting a career in film production.
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A Day in The Life of A Painter

By Zine Al Abidine Nouflali (20:36)

A documentary portrait of a painter who has to live the consequences of a life without a safety nets, and who – in many ways – represents the filmmaker’s position at a crossroads, to choose whether it’s worth it to commit to one’s art, or look for a “real job”, to secure a living, like everyone else does.
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Rajae Bouardi

A film student who believes that cinema has a range of colors and shades even painters don't have.
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By Rajae Bouardi (6:47)

We submerge with a gruop of children in a learning session as they recite their first verses in an overwhelming atmosphere of curiosity.
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Manal El Yakhloufi

A film student who wants to explore and bring something new to the world.
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Sahara Melody

By Manal El Yakhloufi (8:06)

Just like many places around the world, in the Moroccan Sahrawi provinces tea preparation rituals are a cermony that has been well preserved through generations. Called the 3J’s Tradition “Jmaa” which is the Arabic word for Assembly, “Jaar” for Extension and “Jmaar” for lit charcoal.
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Najib El Assad

Arabic teacher and a cinema lover.
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By Najib El Assad (15:43)

Chomoukh is a documentary film that tells of the hardship of her disabled husband, from the point of view of his wife who has to take care of him.
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Rachid Ezzaari

An explorer of the desert and the human condition.
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The Making of the Sahara Lab films

By Rachid Ezzaari (21:21)

A documenting of the process we went through making these films. We intend to use – on top of the footage Rachid has shot – footage shot on all of our smart phones, stills, text messages, etc. to make of this piece a teaching tool for whatever we do next.
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